About Paul

From the recording studio to stages at concert venues across the world, Paul Poulos has spent the last 2 decades as a truly inspired guitarist.  Paul has recorded for artists on major labels, contributed his playing to feature films and has shared the stage with a roster of bands that list like a who's who of 80's, 90's and 21 st century headliners.  Always a student of his craft, Paul continues to study the subtleties of the guitar and as a result he remains an ever improving musical force to be reckoned with. 

Paul built his reputation as a first call player in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY by capitalizing on his three primary musical virtues:  

First is Paul's "song first" approach to building guitar parts that are always tasteful and style appropriate.  Second, his inherent positive energy and soulful delivery are always real — never a mere approximation of a guy who "plays from the heart". 

Last and most impressive is his vast versatility.  Paul has been called upon to play live and in the studio for a wide variety of artists and whether it be Pop, Metal, Jazz, Hip Hop or Old School Rock and Roll, he consistently delivers the musical goods.  He is convincing in whichever style he plays because he truly knows and respects his musical history and that quality is what makes him so valuable as a musician. Bottom line: He simply knows what to play and when to play it. 

Paul's film credits include the Oliver Stone Produced "Gravesend".  He's also earned his "Road Warrior" status by touring the U.S. and Europe with bands such as: Anthrax, The Misfits, Sugar Ray, Korn, Type O Negative, Life of Agony and Clutch.  Paul has also shared the stage with classic artists such as: Zebra, White Lion, Robin Trower and Dee Snider. 

Joe Cefalu    

*Joe Cefalu has written for Guitar One, Guitar Shop, Circus Magazine & Guitar World